Team: None

Nemesis: Dendron

A magical hero who uses runes to strengthen his friends and weaken his enemies, but pays a price if it plays too many too quickly.

Name: The Stranger

Power: Inscribe: Play a Rune

HP: 26

Story: When Dendron stole the life force of Tom Willow to use in her magic, she left the rune of power that she used stamped on an ancient Witchtree. The tree absorbed Tom's remaining essence, reshaped itself into a human form, and soon forgot that it was ever a tree.

Name: The Rune-Scarred Stranger

Power: Purify: 1 Hero Target regains 2 HP.

HP: 28

Story: Magic comes at price. Unwilling to pass that price off onto others, the Stranger has for years been spending its own life force to fuel the magic it uses to help others. What is left of Tom Willow is rapidly fading away.

Name: 1929 Stranger

Power: Soul Tap: The next time the Stranger would deal itself damage, redirect it to another target

HP: 29

Story: When the Stranger first became aware and left its woods, it did not fully understand the price and impact of using magic. It recklessly used other to bear the price of its magic, a act which it would come to deeply regret. The other heroes find themselves thrown back in time to 1929, they meet this younger, more careless version of their friend.


Team: None

Nemesis: The RAM

An escaped experimental subject who can generate and shape liquid metal from her pores. A burst damage dealer who deal tremendous amounts of damage at the cost of health.

Name: Quicksilver--Test Subject Halberd-19

Power: Reshape: Discard a card. If you do, draw 2 cards.

HP: 25

Story: Held captive and experimented on by the Halcyon Security Corporation, Amelia Espada managed to escape, with the help of Doc Havok.

Name: Uncanny Quicksilver

Power: Razor's Edge: Quicksilver deals one target 2 Melee damage.

HP: 26

Story: On the run, constantly using her powers, Amelia finds herself no longer able to withdraw the liquid metal or live anything like a normal live. Only the people who did this to her in the first place have any answers.


Team: First Response

Nemesis: Gray

A teleporter and energy wielder who chains together various effects.

Name: Vanish

Power: Feint: Choose a target. That target deals 1 other target 1 Projectile damage.

HP: 26

Story: Born with the power of teleportation, Janet Walker invented a device to control her power and harness the energy it generates, use it to run Vanish Courier Service.

Name: First Response Vanish

Power: Intercept: Reduce the next damage that we be dealt to a Hero target by 2.

HP: 27

Story: When legal action by the villain Grey, who blamed her for his transformation, resulted in Vanish Courier Service closing, Janet was invited to join a new specialty rescue team intended for the most dire of emergencies as their evac specialist.

Name: 1929 Vanish

Power: Scout: Draw a card. Increase damage dealt by Hero targets by 1 until the end of the turn.

HP: 27

Story: Pushing her technology to let her go faster and further led to a malfunction which strands her and many other heroes back in time, long before the technology to repair her devices ever existed.

Doc Havok

Team: First Response

Nemesis: Vector

A healer and team suport. He has no powers, but years of experience and special forces medic training.

Name: Doc Havoc

Power: Adrenaline: Doc Havoc deals 1 Hero 3 Toxic damage. If that Hero took damage that way, they may play a card now.

HP: 30

Story: When his brother went rogue during a mission and was infected with a bio weapon, special forces medic "Doc Havoc" retired, deciding to see what good he could do on his own, with his old CO pointing him towards situations where he is needed.

Name: First Response Doc Havoc

Power: Breach. Draw a card. Doc Havoc may deal 1 target 1 Melee damage.

HP: 32

Story: When his old CO Echelon formed a special rescue team, Doc was happy to join as the team medic.


Team: None

Nemesis: Tiamat(Mouth of the Inferno)

A tank who plays armor cards to take damage for him, the Knight will protect and serve his kingdom, in whatever time he finds himself.

Name: The Knight

Power: Swing: The Knight deals 1 target 1 Melee damage

HP: 32

Story: After slaying first a fearsome 3-headed dragon, then an evil wizard who had enslaved his kingdom, George of Mormoth was cursed with the wizards dying breath to eternal slumber. Wakened 600 years later, the Knight is ready to serve once more!

Name: The Fair Knight

Power: Resourceful: The Knight and all her targets regain 2 HP.

HP: 25

Story: Alain Mormont had long heard the legends surrounding her heroic ancestor, Sir George, who had slain a dragon and defeated the evil magician that had killed and wife, then disappeared before even knowing he had a daughter. When she heard knews of the dragon's return and her ancestor appearing to fight it, she knew it was time to make a legend of her own.

Name: Berserker Knight

Power: Destroy an Equipment Target. The Knight deals X Psychic damage, where X is the HP of the Equipment destroy plus 1.

HP: 27

Story: When Tiamat was accidentally brought back to life, it was fair stronger than the first time the Knight fought it. It was savage and relentless. To be it, he would have to be the same.

Name: The Knight 1929

Power: Vigilar: Play an Equipment card next to a Hero. Treat the Knight's name on that Equipment as the name of the Hero it is next to.

HP: 27

Story: Sir George was with Vanish when she accidentally teleported a group of heroes to the past. Unlike the others, it did not bother him. One future time was much like another. His kingdom still needed protecting.

Group: The Ronin Knights

Name: The Old Knight

Power: Destroyer: The Old Knight deals 1 Target 2 Irreducible Lightning damage. Return 1 of your Equipment cards in play to your hand.

HP: 18

Name: The Young Knight

Power: Dragon's Dance: The Young Knight deals herself and 2 other targets 2 Toxic damage each.

HP: 15

Story: A time paradox caused by meeting both his past self and his future descendant caused a rip in time that sent both Sir George and his descendant Alain into the future of the Final Wasteland. They now wander the Wasteland looking for a way to go home.


Team: None

Nemesis: Tiamat(Jaws of Winter)

A petmaster who summons evil undead which he then kills to trigger Ritual cards. An odd, but very powerful utility hero.

Name: Necro

Power: Blight: Necro deals 1 Target 1 Toxic damage or 1 Undead Target 2 Toxic damage.

HP: 24

Story: When his nephew was killed by an insane cultist, Simon Coil used the ritual from a book of magic to raise the corpses of several criminals and use them to power a ritual of revenge. Seeking ever more power to right more wrongs and stop greater evil, Necro tried to raise the corpse of a long dead dragon as the ultimate fuel for his rituals. The dragon's magical nature caused it to come fully to life, causing mass destruction. Necro now only seeks to correct his mistake.

Name: Necro, Warden of Chaos

Power: Reckless Summon: Put the top card of your deck into play.

HP: 25

Story: While the incident with Tiamat had taught him patience and caution, Necro started detecting something even dark and more powerful coming for him. Drive to desparation, Necro beomes even more reckless than before.

Name: Necro 1929

Power: Turn Undead: Until the Start of your next turn, replace the word "Hero" on your cards with "Villain" and vice versa.

HP: 25

Story: Stranded back in time by Vanish, Necro took the opportunity to hunt down the book of magic he learned necromancy from. To his surprise, he found pages he had never seen before, pages that taught him how to control the monsters that he created.


Team: None

Nemesis: Fate

A deathless hero with a magical deck of Fate, Baccarat's cards are weak when played from his hand, but can be played from his discard pile and become more powerful when doing so.

Name: Baccarat

Power: Dead Man's Hand: Discard the top card of your deck, or put up to 2 Trick cards with the same name from your trash into play.

HP: 27

Story: A gambler in the late 19th century who gambled with the Mistress of Fate herself and won eternal youth, her mistic Deck of Fate and a lifetime of luck. Too bad he lived longer than a lifetime. When the mistress game back to claim him, he won again only by cheating, gaining an undead form. Now he is constantly on the run from Fate itself.

Name: Ace of Sorrows

Power: Ace of Sorrows: Play any number of Tricks from your hand or put two tricks from your Trash into your hand.

HP: 28

Story: The Ace of Sorrows from the Deck of Fate is one of Baccarat's best tools, allowing for trickery and stealth.

Name: Ace of Swords

Power: Ace of Swords: Put X copies of Afterlife Euchre from your Trash(Up to 3) Discard the top 3-X cards of your Deck.

HP: 30

Story: When heavy offense is needed, Baccarat has the Ace of Swords at his disposal. It has often served him well.

Name: Baccarat, 1929

Power: Card Sharp: Play or Draw a card. If you played a Trick this way, draw a card.

HP: 24

Story: In 1929, Baccarat was 50, but still looked 30. He had no idea what Fate had in store for him.

Tango One

Team: None

Nemesis: Anathema

A Psionic Assassin who's damage and defense are supercharged by drawing Critical cards.

Name: Tango One

Power: Snipe: Tango One deals 1 Target 1 Projectile damage.

HP: 24

Story: Psionically gifted, Julia was recruited by Eclipse to assassinate the worst people in the world, or so she thought. Discovering that Eclipse was really a cover for an alian invasion, Julia broke free of her mental control, killing him in the process.p>

Name: Ghost Ops Tango One

Power: Ghost Ops: Draw 2 cards, then put 2 cards from your hand on top of your deck.

HP: 28

Story: As a freelancer, Tango One fights to keep the Earth safe from threats before they can emerge.

Name: 1929 Tango One

Power: Lead the Target: Select a Target. At the start of the your next turn, Tango One deals that target 3 Projectile damage.

HP: 24

Story: Learning to work with other Heroes, Tango One was one of those accidentally trasported to 1929.

Lady of the Wood

Team: Ministry of Strategic Science

Nemesis: Celadroch

A forest spirit with the power of the four seasons.

Name: Lady of the Wood

Power: Season's Edge: Select a damage type. Lady of Woods deals 1 Target 1 damage of the chosen type.

HP: 22

Story: An ancient forest spirit, the Lady was content to stay in her woods and watch the season past until an ancient Knight came to consult her. Curious about the world beyond, she left the woods for the first time.

Name: Lady of the Wood Seasons of Change

Power: Equinox: Discard a card. You may play a card.

HP: 25

Story: Already weakened from battle against the radioactive villain Gray, the Lady spend the last of her power to revive the radiation striken zone around Windmill City. Some months later, Doc Havok found her regenerating in the clearing where the Knight first found her.

Name: Ministry of Strategic Science Lady of the Wood

Power: Solstice: Add 2 Tokens to your Element Pool. When Lady of the Wood would deal damage, you may change its type by spending a token.

HP: 19

Story: Concerned about the raw power wielded by the Lady, the Ministry of Strategic Science recruited her in order to influence her to remain friendly with humanity. The Lady is delighted to work with them.


Team: Ministry of Strategic Science

Nemesis: Oriphel

A summoner who calls friendly djinn into battle.

Name: Shardcatcher Malichae

Power: Traveler: Draw 2 cards. Discard a card.

HP: 27

Story: Searching for the secrets of an alternate world, Alec Shaheen found the fabled Compass of Zephaeren, only have his guides turn on him. Escaping to the realm of the djinn, Alec befriended 4 powerful jinn, using their power to do good.

Name: Shardmaster Malichae

Power: Channel: Search your deck for a Djinn and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

HP: 26

Story: After defeating the evil djinn Oriphel, Malichae found himself less interested in the world of humanity, spending his time with his djinn friends instead. Oriphel's followers would not allow him to hide from the world forever, however.

Name: Ministry of Strategic Science Malichae

Power: Borrowed Aspect: Discard a card. Use that card's power, replacing any djinn's name with Malichae. Draw a card.

HP: 24

Story: Joining the Ministry of Strategic Science to study their artifacts, Malichae has learned to borrow the powers of his djinn.


Team: Nightlore Council

Nemesis: Menagerie

An agent of the intersteller peachkeeping organization, the Nightlore Council. Uses Costellation cards which she can empower with different effects.

Name: Starlight

Power: Stargate: Draw a card, or put a Constellation card from your trash into play.

HP: 31

Story: Astromer Andromeda McLear became the first human to be invited the join the Nightlore Council. With the help of their advanced technology, she now defends Earth from dangers from space.

Name: Starlight Genesis

Power: Radiance: Starlight deals each Hero target 1 Energy damage. Search your deck for up to 2 Constellation cards and play them. Shuffle your deck.

HP: 29

Story: While new to the Nightlore Council, her battles with villains on Earth soon made her one of the Council's most experienced agents, often called to train or supervise other agents.

Group: Starlight Nightlore

Name: Starlight of Terra

Power: Starfarer: Discard a card. Search your deck for a copy of Exodus and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck.

HP: 13

Name: Starlight of Asheron

Power: Binary Burst: Play a Constellation. One Starlight deals 1 Target 1 Radiant damage.

HP: 12

Name: Starlight of Cryos-4

Power: Voidgaze: This Starlight deals herself 2 Irreducible Cold damage. If she takes damage this way, Play 2 Constellations from your trash.

HP: 15

Story: When Dr. McLear vanish, grad student Erin Rothes investigated, finding her spare Nightlore gear and the located of the Nightlore Council. The Council agreed to accept her as their newest agent, teaming her up with 2 other Junior agents and tasking them to find Nightlore agent Andromeda McLear.


Team: First Response

Nemesis: Unknown

A sound manipulator who can manipulate the enemy deck.

Name: Cricket

Power: Damping: select a target. Reduce damage dealt by that target by 1 until the start of your next turn.

HP: 27

Story: The only survivor of a lab accident, Kate Shreeve found she could detect and manipulat accoustic energy, become Windmill City's protector.

Name: First Responder Cricket

Power: Sonar Burst: Cricket deals 2 Targets 1 damage each. You may use a Power now.

HP: 28

Story: A myserious voice had always been helping Cricket. That voice was revealed to be Escalon, who invited Cricket to join her First Response Team.

Name: Renegade Cricket

Power: Orchestrate: Reveal the top card of a Hero deck. You may discard a card to put it into play, otherwise put it into that Player's hand.

HP: 26

Story: ?


Team: First Response

Nemesis: Swarm Eater

After surviving an assassination attempt, Dr. Karl Schr├Ąder now had nanotechnology integrated in his body. A team buffer with a small number of very powerful unique buffs.

Name: Cypher

Power: Encode: one augmented hero may draw a card now.

HP: 26

Story: When Dr. Karl Schr├Ąder started asking too many questions about his employer's intentions, his boss locked him into a room with a a devouring nanoswarm. Rescued before it could kill him, he found that the nanoswarm was integrated into his body.

Name: First Response Cypher

Power: Fusion Cannon: Cypher deals 1 Target X Energy damage where X is the number of Augments in play.

HP: 23

Story: As concerned about the abuse of his nanotech Cypher was, Escalon inviting him to join her team, where he'd have access to more resources.


Team: Ministry of Strategic Science

Nemesis: Mythos

A soldier transformed by magic into a burning obsidian monster. He is strong and tougth.

Name: Titan

Power: Fury: Titan deals 1 target 2 infernal damage.

HP: 32

Story: When asked to escourt a Ministry of Strategic Science agent, SAS Trooper Roland White destroyed an obsidian artifact to stop a monster summoner. The fragments from the stone, lodged themselves into his skin, transforming him into the monstrous Titan.

Name: Ministry of Strategy Science Titan

Power: Pyroclast: You may play on Ongoing card. Draw a card.

HP: 29

Story: As the Ministry's first superpowered agent, normal agents are unable to keep up with him. The Ministry decided to use him as the basis of a superpowered team.


Team: None

Nemesis: ?

A gravity manipulator who relies on manipulating Ongoing cards for damage.

Name: Impact

Power: Force Blast: Impact deals 1 target 1 infernal damage. You may destroy 1 hero ongoing card to increase this damage by 2.

HP: 29

Story: ?

Name: Renegade Impact

Power: Ballance: Destroy one of your Ongoing cards. If you do, Play a card and Draw a card.

HP: 27

Story: ?


Team: Echalon

Nemesis: Tiamat(Eye of the Storm)

A leader who most uses Tactics card to buff the rest of the team.

Name: Echalon

Power: Seen It All: Echelon deals 1 target 1 irreducible melee damage.

HP: 27

Story: Many heroes have receive mysterious warning before running into danger, or had other heroes called to show up just in time. These are the actions of Echalon, mysterious Hero benefactor.

Name: First Response Echalon

Power: Arial Scan: Draw a card, you may play the Kestrel Mark II from your hand.

HP: 28

Story: Unable to stay in the background much longer, Eschalon put together a superpowered rescued team, serving as their evace pilot and general support.

Magnifiient Mara

Team: Ministry of Strategic Science

Nemesis: ?

A stage magician who discovered real magic. Team support.

Name: The Magnifiient Mara

Power: Pull the String: Magnificent Mara deals 1 target 1 psychic damage. That target deals another target 1 melee damage.

HP: 27

Story: When reactions to her magic show turned out to be less than good, Mara sought out real magic. Even magic could not make up for lack of presentation, so she turn to heroics instead.

Name: Ministry of Strategy Science Magnificient Mara

Power: Illusury Veil: Magnificent Mara deals 1 Target 2 Radiant damage. Incread damage dealt by that target by 1 until the start of your next turn.

HP: 25

Story: Mara's magical talent soon came to the attention of the Ministry of Strategic Science, who was seeking out powerful individuals.

Name: 1929 Magnificient Mara

Power: Conjure Relic

HP: 24

Story: Mara was among those accidently transported to 1929.